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How to Boost Employees’ Confidence’ – Jay Holstine

How to Boost Employees' Confidence' - Jay Holstine

It is very important for employees to be confident for them to be able to do their best when at work. They need to know that they have it in them to achieve what they want, which is something they can only do when they work hard enough.

So how can you ensure your employees are confident and doing their best? Jay Holstine takes you through a few key tips here.

Boosting Employees’ Confidence by Jay Holstine

Here are a few tips that can help you boost your employees’ confidence:

1.     Praise Them When They Do Good

When your employees do something good, praise them for that. Remember that when anyone puts in their hard work into what they do, they deserve to be recognized for that. So always acknowledge the hard work your employees put into their work.

When they feel appreciated, they know they have it in them to get things done if they work hard enough. So always be sure to show appreciation.

2.     Know Their Strengths

You can only push your employees to do even better at what they do when you know what their strengths are. You must try to get to know each employee individually so that you know their strengths.

When you know your employees’ strengths, you can work hard enough to ensure they give their best in what they are doing. Not just that, but you can also assign work to them that is in line with their strengths. When you do that, you allow them to work to their full potential and get done with what they had thought about.

3.     Empower Employees

You need to give employees the power to make their own decisions. If you try to micromanage them, then they end up feeling alienated and hence, demotivated. So always try to leverage your employees to make their own decisions at work, says Jay Holstine.

You can most definitely guide them if you think there is something that you can add value to. When you guide them, it helps them stay on the right track with their work and allows them to work hard enough to achieve what they want.


4.     Provide Timely Feedback

The importance of feedback is something that cannot be stressed enough. Always try to give your employees feedback so that they know what areas they can improve in and how that can allow them to work hard and give their best to what they are doing, says Jay Holstine. There needs to be a feedback mechanism in place so that employees can understand what areas they lack and can work hard enough to get where they want to.

Final Words by Jay Holstine

With these tips on boosting employee confidence by Jay Holstine, you will definitely see a more motivated workforce. This will allow your employees to unleash their true potential, ultimately affecting work productivity as well.