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Jay Holstine

Empowering a CEO Peer group of motivated leaders is Jay Holstine’s passion.  As an experienced CEO and Vistage chair, Holstine works closely with each of his 17 CEO members from non-competing industries.  Most of the monthly meeting provides the group with an expert speaker they selected, and the chance to confer with each other in a confidential setting and learn from the experiences and shared wisdom of their peer group. 

Another valuable part of serving as a Vistage chair, Jay Holstine said, is working closely with each CEO member in frequent one-to-one meetings to discuss business strategy, uncover key issues and opportunities, and help them process through challenges. The Dallas Fort Worth-based group enjoys the variety of speakers, and meeting activities, as well as the variety of industries, backgrounds and unique skill sets of the talented men and women in the CEO peer group.

Jay Holstine
Jay Holstine

In addition to the meetings, CEO peer group members build rapport with each other at meetings and additional casual events through the year, expanding their network of professionals facing some common challenges. 

Jay Holstine is focused on inspiring leaders to improve their decision-making skills, and enhance multiple aspects of their companies. Building a legacy of high-performing leaders who are improving their communities, is a passion that grew from Jay’s work in co-founding and leading several start-up software companies that had a successful exit. As a CEO of an initially small company, Holstine later realized he would have benefitted greatly from an executive peer group’s shared wisdom. Vistage enables executives to move beyond their habits, re-assess outdated processes, learn more about innovations that ambitious CEOs are considering, and forge new paths of success.

Prior to Vistage, Jay Holstine was a managing director with Compass Advisory Consultants, where he provided his business building and CEO coaching skills to selected business founders and leaders. Previously, Jay served as the chief executive officer and president of Freightflow, a cloud-based transportation management software company, growing the sales channel and adding clients involved in the fresh produce transportation industry. 

In 2001, Jay Holstine founded SigmaFlow, a cloud-based process management solution company that grew to serve several industries including energy and compliance systems for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation requirements. With a select team of developers, Holstine worked closely with clients to uncover their business’ specific needs, and craft the right comprehensive solution. As SigmaFlow’s CEO, Holstine grew the company’s suite of offerings along with its size and profitability, for 12 years, and accepted an offer from a private equity firm to sell SigmaFlow so he could focus on other business building opportunities.

As a graduate of the University of Kansas, where he received his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering, Jay remains a loyal Jayhawk fan.