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Don’ts To Support Employees During Holidays: By Jay Holstine

Supporting Employees During Holidays

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it’s also an incredibly stressful period for employees. Businesses need to support their employees during this time, but in order to do so effectively, they don’t just have to think about what they can do – they also have to consider the risks associated with doing certain things wrong. In this blog post, Jay Holstine will be discussing some important ‘don’ts’ for businesses wishing to provide effective support for their employees over the Christmas break and in the New Year.

Jay Holstine Lists The Don’ts To Support Employees During Holidays

1. Overwork them – As tempting as it may be, it’s important, as per Jay Holstine, not to push your employees too hard during the holidays. While they may be willing to work extra hours, it’s not healthy or sustainable for them (or your business) in the long run. Make sure that you are providing adequate breaks and reasonable workloads, and don’t forget to recognize employees who have gone above and beyond.

2. Ignore their needs – During this time of year, many people (employees included) are dealing with heightened emotions due to a variety of personal circumstances such as grief, illness, financial stress, etc. It’s important to make sure that you remain sensitive toward these issues and offer support if needed. Additionally, try not to ignore any requests they might have related to their limitations during this time.

3. Expect them to work on holidays – Depending on your industry, it may be necessary to work on certain public holidays. However, whenever possible, try to make sure that you give your employees the opportunity to spend time with their families and friends. At the same time, some might volunteer for extra shifts during this time if they express a desire to take a break; make sure to respect that.

4. Neglect mental health – As mentioned before, with the added stress of the season comes an increased risk of mental health issues for many people. Encourage your team members to look after themselves by offering access to counseling services or other resources if needed. Additionally, ensure that the workplace is free from discrimination and bullying so that everyone can feel comfortable and safe throughout the holidays.

5. Discourage fun – The holidays are a time to have fun and enjoy yourself, so don’t be afraid to let your employees express their creativity and participate in activities that foster connection and team-building. Encouraging this kind of behavior can help create an enjoyable atmosphere in the workplace, which is important for morale and productivity.

  • 6.               Forget to show appreciation – Last but not least, remember to thank your employees for their hard work throughout the year, says Jay Holstine. Whether you give bonuses or simply express your gratitude through kind words, it’s important to recognize those who have gone above and beyond in their roles at work. Doing so will help ensure that they feel valued and appreciated by their employers.

Jay Holstine’s Concluding Thoughts

These Don’ts provide a great guide to creating an atmosphere of support, empathy, and fun during the holidays while also recognizing employee efforts in the workplace. According to Jay Holstine, by following this advice, you can rest assured that your team will be taken care of and motivated to do their best work no matter what time of year it is. So go ahead, and spread some holiday cheer! Your employees will thank you for it.