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Building a Feedback Culture at Work – Jay Holstine

Building a Feedback Culture at Work - Jay Holstine

As a leader, you should always encourage feedback from your employees. The culture at work should be such that employees should be able to talk to you about things that bother them, how they think work processes can improve, and what they think you should be doing differently.

Cultivating this mindset helps build a very healthy relationship at work, which is crucial to the success of the organization. In this guide, Jay Holstine takes you through a few tips to help you build a feedback culture at work.

How to Build a Feedback Culture by Jay Holstine

Here are a few tips to help you build a feedback culture at work.

1.     Nurture a Growth Mindset

You must try to build a growth mindset at work. What exactly is that? A growth mindset is where everyone is considered an equal part of the company. They are expected to speak up and give opinions, which can help develop a positive workplace culture conducive to growth. People with a growth mindset believe their abilities can further develop if they work hard and strive for greater learning.

  1. Provide Feedback Training

Employees should be given feedback training to know exactly how they are expected to come forth with their opinions on things. Employees should know the appropriate code of conduct in terms of what is expected of them.

They should be given appropriate training to know how they should be asking questions and how clear they should be in coming through with their viewpoint on things, says Jay Holstine.

3.     Celebrate Team Accomplishments with Positive Feedback

Whenever a team does well, they should be given positive feedback. They should be complimented for the hard work that they put into it. When that happens, they get motivated to perform better.

Not just that, but when leaders set this kind of behavior as an example, then employees become familiar with this type of culture at the workplace, and then they strive to work harder and perform better in this domain too.

4.     Have a Systematic Feedback Mechanism

If you want to feed this into the system, then you need to have a solid mechanism that allows you to do that. For this, you can have a system where you have weekly check-ins.

Alongside that, you can also have a feedback form that allows everyone to evaluate their performance alongside the performance of others in the team. This allows everyone to be on the same page and allows people to see the areas where they need to improve.

5.     Conduct One on One Follow Ups

It is also very important to conduct one on one follow-ups so that you can see how well every person is doing. This also enables managers to get to know each employee closely, allowing them to build their work relationships further and improve work performance, says Jay Holstine.

Final Words by Jay Holstine

With these actionable tips given by Jay Holstine, you can build a very strong feedback culture at work. When you do that, it becomes much easier for people to work together toward a shared goal and try to improve work performance continuously.