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5 Ways to Deal with a Stressful Work Environment by Jay Holstine

Stressful Work Environment

Work-related stress is very common. This is especially true when you have so many targets that you have to meet. But when you are stressed out, you cannot perform up to par, and that leads to lower work efficiency too. In this guide, Jay Holstine takes you through a few helpful tips to deal with a stressful work environment. 

How to Deal with a Stressful Work Environment by Jay Holstine 

Here are a few ways to deal with a stressful work environment, which can eventually help you work toward being more productive. 

Track Your Stressors 

The first step here is to know what stresses you out the most. You can only manage all of that well when you know what it is. Is it an extra workload? Is it team interactions? Is it interactions with your boss? You can work in that direction when you know that well. 

Establish Boundaries 

Sometimes when we have more work than we can manage in a given time all by ourselves, it leads to massive problems. When drowning in heaps of work, you might feel extra stressed about how you will manage, eventually leading to a compromised output. So it is best to establish boundaries and only take up a certain amount of work you can manage easily.

Ask for Help 

Many believe that asking for help shows weakness. This is most definitely not the case. When you ask for help for something that is too much for you to take, it only helps you manage that well, and that shows up in how you perform too. So Jay Holstine says you must never hesitate to ask for help, especially when you think you need it the most. 

Avoid Conflict with Colleagues 

Interpersonal conflicts with the ones you work with can also be very stressful. Try to work together in a group with mutual collaboration. Try to avoid conflicts as much as possible because that adds to the stress and pressure and doesn’t allow you to perform appropriately, as required. If a conflict arises, know what works best for you and try to solve it the best way. 

Find Out About Coping Mechanisms

We all deal with stress in different ways. So you must try to find out what works best for you. More than anything, this is about getting to know yourself better to know what works for you in situations like these. Some people tend to take some time off to do something they like. Some people try to speak to someone who makes them feel better, and so on. Jay Holstine says you must see what fits well for you in such a situation. 

Final Words by Jay Holstine 

With these actionable tips by Jay Holstine on helping you deal with a stressful environment at work, you can surely head in the right direction. Remember that when you are stressed, you cannot perform up to par. So you have to try and make sure that you reduce your stress levels. 

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