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5 Signs You Have a Great Boss by Jay Holstine

Signs You Have a Great Boss

Good bosses are a treat to work with. They bring out the best in you and allow you to work in a way that utilizes your full potential. They allow you to work the way you want and realize what your strengths and weaknesses are. In this guide, Jay Holstine takes you through a few signs that can tell you that you have a great boss

What Tells You That You Have a Great Boss by Jay Holstine 

Here are a few signs to tell you have a great boss. 


If your boss is honest with you, then this is one of the vital signs to tell you that they truly value you and your success. A good boss should ideally be very open about how well they think you perform and should also tell you about your shortcomings straight up. When they do that, it allows you to improve. This shows they are vested in your success and growth as an employee. 

No Micromanaging 

If your boss allows you to work the way you like and does not try to control every aspect of your work, then this shows that they trust you with decision-making. It shows that they think you have it in you to take up a task and then work your way through that. When employees are micromanaged, they feel alienated and hence do not work as hard as they ideally should be, says Jay Holstine. 


If you have a boss who motivates you to keep going and give your best in whatever you do, this shows how much they value productivity. It shows that they know how to keep employees driven. Not just that, but it also shows that they know their employees very well to be able also to know what to say to them to make sure that they give in their best to what they are doing. 


A great boss with always be super friendly and approachable. Ideally, you can talk to them about whatever you want. As someone there to guide you through every step of the way, your boss should also be open to taking suggestions from you about things. Remember that if your boss is approachable, it makes things easier and allows them to work their way through things well. 


If your boss recognizes your efforts and praises you for the little things, then this shows that they truly value you as an employee. Jay Holstine believes that every step taken in the right direction is progress, and if it is valued enough, it allows employees to further work harder toward what they want, which is integral to success. 

Final Words by Jay Holstine 

With these key traits of good bosses identified by Jay Holstine, you can better understand if you have a good boss. If you have a great boss, then value them for who they are and try to have a sound rapport with them which can help you grow. 

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